Replacing Exterior Window Mouldings

The rubberized coating on the exterior window moldings are the first finish to fail on just about any Japanese car and the Nomad has been no exception.


There’s not much that can be done to refinish that would not be less than just replacing with OEM parts, so that’s what I did.

Installation is pretty straight forward, but there are a few things to know.


The moulding is attached to the exterior door sills with white plastic clips along with a retaining screw. This is at the B-pillar location of all four doors; at the back on the front doors and at the front on the rear doors. Remove the screw and set aside.


Next, gently tap the old moulding off. I used a flathead screwdriver with a rubber mallet. Each tap broke free a white clip along the the length of the sill.

IMG_0306I pulled the piece toward the back of the vehicle to free it from underneath the rear view mirror.


I cleaned off the door sheet metal and surrounding sill and then sprayed a bit of Houdini lock lubricant on the end of the new moulding where it slides under the rearview mirror to ease it’s installation.


With the moulding lined up in place along the ridge I snapped it down into place and replaced the retention screw. Done in minutes minutes, no special clips or tools. Nothing to it.

I sourced the moulding through Luso Overland.

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