Gooseneck Work Light

The installation of the new ARB roof rack meant the deletion of the two work lights that were on the rear stanchions of the previous rack.

This created some logistic challenges in bringing light to the cooking work space of the pull out. I considered mounting a fixture above the window of the rear door that would shine down in that area, but pulling a circuit to that area through the stock wiring harness tube in the jamb would have required removing the right hand platform panel along with the house battery. I didn’t want to do that.

I wanted this work light to be powerful and durable and yet out of the way of loading gear and dogs along with not obstructing rearward vision. I sourced a fixture, the Acegoo RV/Boat Gooseneck Wall Light, (yes, Acegoo) which I adapted to fit on the right hand D-pillar and crane over the pull-out stove and sink.


I removed the wiring from the previous fixtures and created a new circuit that ran from the switch on the lefthand panel of the platform up the righthand D-pillar.

The fixture mounts with a machined ring attached with two sheet-metal screws through the plastic into the steel of the pillar. The round base of the fixture fits over the ring and secured with an allen screw that attaches the base to the mounting ring (seen below the USB port).


With the ring installed but before mounting the fixture, I fed the wiring through a hole in the plastic and fished it through to the outside of the jamb and connected them to the new circuit which follow the weatherstripping channel.


The result is a clean, out-of-the-way installation of a work light that’s adaptable for use over the kitchen area or as a reading light when relaxing on the sleeping platform.




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