Another Rear Door Mod

The Nomad is at that point where every square inch becomes valuable real estate, a spot to stash or stow something critical to getting there and few things ar more critical than the first aid kit. In the latest reshuffle of gear, I’ve repurposed a Pelican 1120 case for first aid storage and orginally had it attached to the driver side headrest via a Blue Ridge Overland panel, but the 3M super-industrial-strength adhesive didn’t last long and I’ve been searching for a new way to mount the kit in a readily accessible and highly visual spot.

Enter the Vivo Adapter VESA Mount Quick Release Braket kit. Working in film production, I use these to mount flat screens in a video village, so I though, why not a small Pelican case?


The kit has a bracket and cleat that mate together via a dovetail. The plate has a quick-release lever at the base. I mounted the bracket to the rear door in a spot where the case would clear the deck insert with the door closed, and then mounted the cleat on the back of the Pelican case.

Now the case has a rattle-free, easily accessible, very visible perch from which it can be snagged in a hurry and yet it’s out of the way.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie Curlee says:

    I wish I could cross apply this to the awning. I’m trying to find a quick on and off solution.


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