Rigid 22 Top Box


Mounted to the rear Apex rack is a pair of Rigid 22″ Pro Tool Top Organizers. I’ve been a Pelican case consumer for the last twenty years, but I wasn’t keen on modifying a pair for roof-top storage, and then I saw ADV riders modifying this case for use as panniers and top cases, which got me into a Home Depot to check them out.

Metal hardware (not stainless), high-impact resin, and o-ring seals make this an attractive alternative to Pelicans. Factor in the price, $30, and the argument is over. I picked up two, painted them in bed liner and mounted them with u-bolt hardware that secures inside the case.

The case secures with lockable compression latches that seal the o-ring. Their low profile still accommodates a Viair compressor and a nine-ton bottle jack along with other recovery items I keep on the Nomad.

The cases are 22×14.75×6.5 inches. I like the clever cleat system that allows other Rigid cases to be mounted or the 22 to be stacked. Their open milk-crate style case would be great for fire wood. If they made it collapsable, I’d have a pair of those as well.

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