This is my second install of Old Man Emu heavy duty shocks and springs on a Montero, the first one on my previous Gen3. The difference was significant enough to do the same for the Nomad and I’m certainly not disappointed.

The front install is straight forward, done in about fifteen minutes per side. Likewise the rear shocks, as long as a generous treatment of penetrating oil is used on the lower shock mounts. Stubborn buggers.

There’s a bit of YouTube guidance out there on the spring swap that get into disconnecting the brake line, locker vacuum hose, and the panhard bar, but I was able to extract the old springs and install the HDs with only the shocks disconnected at the axle with a jack supporting the axle giving me the finesse needed to not stretch lines or hoses and still line everything back up to bolt up.


The difference is substantial, worth the investment for me. Quicker turn in, solid rebound and response, washboards dissolve away and there’s a sure-footedness that may only exist in my mind, but it feels much more solid.

I thrashed the Nomad at Little Valley near Sand Hollow in Southern Utah. It’s a collection of every surface imaginable, from deep powdery sand to shale, large boulders to slick rock to limestone ledges, and the Nomad performed flawlessly.


The OME HD suspension added two inches in height at the rear and an inch and a half up front. Torsion bars had yet to be adjusted on the pic above.

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  1. Jeff Ortiz Luis says:

    What is the part number for the rear springs and did you change the front torsion bars as well?


  2. ImNoSaint says:

    Sorry for the delay, just saw your comment. No part number on the springs, but you can find them here, Just be sure to select the correct model and year range. The torsion bars are stock, I just reindexed them and adjusted the tension.


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