Locking Hubs


Trying to get the best mileage possible given the 650+ mile/week commute, I thought I’d try a pair of lockable hubs to free up the hubs from font axles and transfer case when I don’t need them. Plus, locking in the hubs takes me back to an old Bronco.

I sourced a pair of Aisin hubs through Amazon and began the install. I removed the hub (channel locks grabbed and leveraged well), the snap ring, and the outer hub casing. I made sure the spline assembly was well-greased and added liquid gasket around the face perimeter. I disassembled the lockable hub and installed using the existing hardware, torquing everything to spec.


But, you’re thinking, wait, those aren’t Aisn hubs! And you’d be right. The hubs shipped to me were FSM 002 instead of FHM 002, and they do not fit. Shit.

Looks like those hubs are hard to find after all. In my search I came across these Chinese Aisin knock-offs for $50. Not $50 each, $50 for the pair. (I have two pair as a result of this miscommunication.) For that price I thought I’d give it a shot and so far given the abuse of terrain in most every form on earth, they’ve given me no reason to doubt them. I carry the OE hubs onboard just incase I blow them out, but so far, so good.

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