Trans Pan Gasket and Filter

photo 10

The Nomad’s been oozing a few too many fluids, two to be exact, oil and transmission fluid. I did the transmission pan seal swap and filter change and learned a few lessons along the way that you might find helpful if you ever find yourself considering doing the same.

Yes, the frame cross member that supports the transmission has to be removed in order to access the bolts on the rear of the pan, but it’s not as daunting as it looks. Remove the differential bash plate, support the transmission with a jack, just giving enough lift to ease the burden off the cross member. Remove the four bolts – two on each side – of the cross member, and the bolts that secure it to the center support, then remove the center support as well.

When dropping the pan it appears that the transmission fluid dip stick tube needs to be unbolted from the manifold support on the side of the LH valve cover. It doesn’t. The tube is a two-piece slip-in with the junction about fourteen inches above the pan. When all the pan bolts are removed, the tube will slip out and the pan will drop free. Installation is just as easy.

When installing the new filter, be sure to gently torque the retention bolts in a pattern that will evenly mate the filter to the surface. There are a couple schools of thought on this, inward out, front to back, whatever. Just be consistent.

I used a bit of silicone grease to keep the new gasket aligned when I installed the pan. When reassembling the center support hardware, torque the center support bracket, but leave all other fasteners loose as you assemble to make realigning everything easier. Tolerances are pretty tight and you’ll need just a bit of wiggle room to get bolts into holes.

I was a little suspicious of where the dip stick tube enters the pan – there often seemed to be trans fluid accumulating there, so I patched the area up with JB Quick Weld. Everything reassembled and new fluid, there are no leaks and the Nomad is shifting fine.

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