The Camper


Two ARB awnings have been added to the Nomad, the 1250 on the back and the 2000 on the left side. An ARB Awning room attaches beneath the 2000 awning to create a 6.5 by 8 foot space (2000X2500mm), resulting fifty square feet.


The awnings are attached to the two Apex racks using 3/4 inch rubber lined zinc plated clamps on the vertical stanchions and 1″ clamps on the top rails.


When the awnings are stowed they’re protected in a PVC lined polyester cover and take up a small linear footprint reducing noise and drag.


Inside the Nomad is a sleeping platform that doubles as the dogs’ riding platform when we’re on the road.


The platform accommodates two ExPed Synmat sleeping pads that give us wall-to-wall coverage and a comfortable sleeping surface. Above the platform is a Safari cargo net that creates an attic where we stow clothes kept in vacuum-sealed storage bags. These keep our clothes free from dog hair and dirt and easily accessible by being able to see where everything is inside. A 12V air pump is used to inflate the ExpEd pads and evacuate air from the storage bags that’s powered from a 12V socket on the rear panel of the platform.


This cluster also has two USB ports, a voltmeter and switch for the rear work lights.

A large drawer provides storage access from the rear panel. Other ample storage under the platform holds a food pantry, six gallons of water, camp chairs and a cooler.




The right drawer under the platform is a pullout stove and sink.


We use a Helio pressurized water system for clean-up and showers.


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